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During the last 24 years, my specialty is to approve loans to buy Houses, Townhomes, Condominiums or Mobiles Homes (with land).

I make your investment in the purchase of your House for you and your Family easy and safe, putting your money to work for you, ensuring your present and future.

My work starts with advising completely free to the first time buyers, investors or any person trying to refinance to be prepared and that this purchase or refinancing is a happy experience. My customer service is from person to person, you will have all my experience at your service so that the purchase becomes a reality in the short time.

I am specialist in First Time Home Buyers

Behind me at Columbus Capital Lending, LLC a nationally recognized lender, there is a team of professionals (openers, processors, Underwriters) who work very hard so that the purchases are closed as soon as possible usually taking  30 days or before to close since the Real Estate Contract is executed.

Under one roof, our Institution has all housing financing programs as FHA; FHA 203K (with this program I get up to $ 35,000 for repairs if the house needs it) Conventional; Fannie Mae; Freddie Mac; Foreign National (foreigners) and remember that decisions to approve the loans are made here internally.

Explore loan options to fit your needs.

Yes, you can because the FHA makes exceptions if you can prove that for example you were studying and graduated before you start your current job that student time counts.

Yes, you can, you must only meet the stipulated deadlines, for Chapter 7 after 2 years of discharge and for chapter 13 after 1 year.

Yes, you can, the first few years of self-employment the income are a bit low until the business or activity stabilizes, which is why there are many programs for self-employed workers and the one that stands out most is Fredie Mac, which now also has Fannie Mae that considers only the last income tax of the person to qualify and not the average of the last 2 years that it used to be.

Yes, you can, if you are going to finance with the FHA, you must do it when the foreclosure is 3 years old and if you are going to buy in Conventional you should wait 2 years, but it is very important to have a new credit restored.

Yes there are, Counties and Cities have special programs that give certain people with certain income (not all) a grant with $ 0 interest but they must live in the property for a certain number of years if they sell it before then if they charge you capital and interest; Also a relative of your father, mother son, daughter aunt can make a gift for part of the closings costs or for all the down payment and the closing costs and you would buy the property with $ 0.00 that is perfectly legal and accepted by the FHA or Fannie Mae .

The realities for each person are different, but under normal conditions I would say that of course it is better to buy than to rent, when you rent all the deductions that the IRS allows to the property owners, the owner of the house does it and not the tenant On the other hand, if you own your home, you can make a lot of deductions for your income taxes, such as the interest charged by the bank, private mortgage insurance, and property taxes.

Yes, it helps, as long as the second job has at least 2 years of history, the two incomes would be taken into account; otherwise, the second job can’t be counted.

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